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Artist Biography

During early 1962, Moon Oak Joo began her first Pansori lessons taught by Kim Dong Joon and Hong Jung Taek at Jhun-Ju Pansori Institute which is located in Jeul Rah Book Do, South Korea. Moon Oak Joo expanded her studies and started her Pansori lessons for Chun-Hyang Ga in 1964 under Kim So Hui. Then, Moon Oak Joo went on studying Heung-Bo Ga and Soo-Koong Ga under Park Cho Woul in 1965.

Moon Oak Joo performed Heung Bo-Ga and many other dramas in Northeast Region of the U.S. during 1994 and 1995. She also took special lessons abroad for Shim Chung-Ga by Sung Chang Soon (Korean National Human Cultural Asset No.5) in South Korea during 1997 through 1998. After completing the lessons, Moon Oak Joo went on competing in the Korean National Pansori and Traditional Arts Competition which was supported by Korean government. It was that competition Moon Oak Joo received her Korean Presidential Award in 1998.

Shortly after returning from Korea, Moon Oak Joo performed her first Pansori concert in 1999 in the state of New York. During this year, Moon Oak Joo also participated in the 9th National Pansori Recital by Sung Chang Soon. Around the same time, she received the certification for successfully inheriting Pansori skills from Sung Chang Soon (Korean National Human Cultural Asset No.5) in 1999. Currently, Moon Oak Joo is participating in many Korean cultural events and partake in judging for Korean Traditional Arts competitions. Moon Oak Joo is the director of Moon Oak Joo Traditional Music and Arts Center in Flushing, New York.